The main character is a Professor of archaeology, a tall attractive bachelor who loves teaching students about ancient species and his fascination of the dinosaur world since he was a child. His father bought him a library of books and a wooden toy chest filled with rubber and robotic dinosaur toys.

Before going to sleep at night, his father told wonderful stories about the dinosaurs; however, Noah’s favorite story that intrigued him even as he grew up revealed the history of the Christian Dinosaur Nation. His dad was a rugged looking guy with a firm voice that grabbed Noah’s attention. Noah’s dad remarked that the leaders of the dinosaur nation left behind hidden ancient dinosaur tablets located in a remote cave in the jungles of Africa, which have never been discovered by mankind.

The Legend of the Dinosaur Tablets takes the readers into a mystical adventure in search of the ancient Tablets never seen by mankind. Of course, in the end, the question of whether the dinosaurs were depopulated or made extinct remains a mystery to Noah and the readers. The author, Rose M Colombo, invites you to watch for the relaunch and up-dated version of this book entitled, “Obamasaurus” coming in 2022.**

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